2018 Faith Temple Church LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH Events

(Kingdom Kouples Sip & Paint, Bowling Night & Game Day)

Pastor Sharon kicked off the year with a 3 part series entitled Live, Love, Laugh. We had a couples paint night in February our Love month and two dynamic events in March a family bowling night and our church game day for our Laugh month. We had a lot of fun and kept it competitive.

2017 Faith Temple Church Conference

The Faith Temple Church along with Pastor Eric Cunningham of God's Way Gospel Church, Bishop Alvin McCoy of Greater New & Living Way Church in Sharon, PA, Bishop James R. Chambers of Greater St. Mary's Church in Brooklyn, NY and other ministers and their congregations, celebrated a changing of the guard. After 50 glorious years of serving as senior pastor and presiding Bishop of Faith Temple Church of God, Bishop John L. Hilton passed the reigns to Pastor Sharon Hilton-McCladdie and Elder John Hilton Jr. Faith Temple Church of God ordained 4 new deacons in the likes of Carl Ellis III, Jumall Roan, Jermaine Kennedy, and Isiah Thomas, while Pastor Taylor and the St. Paul church family from Akron ordained two of their won deacons. Below are some images from this glorious occasion.


Thursday Evening

We were blessed with praise dances from the young ladies of Faith Temple as well as Sis. Au'Brey Pettis. We followed up the dancing with a blessed word from Pastor Eric Cunningham of God's Way Gospel Church.


Saturday Afternoon

We culminated our weekend with the installation on Pastor Sharon Hilton-McCladdie as Sr. Pastor and Pastor John Hilton Jr. as Asst. Pastor and the ordination of our new deacons.


H.Y.P.E  Praise Dance Concert

The youth at Faith Temple Church along with visiting ministries from True Holiness, Faith Works Community Church, Rapper SOUP and our very own Bro. Maurice put together awesome performances as the Heavenly Youth Praised Enthusiastically.

 Young Ladies of Faith Temple Praise Dancers

 Young Men of Faith Temple Praise Dancers


Tre` Moreland  & Jamir Kennedy

Bro. Maurice Philpott

Faith Works Community Choir

True Holiness Praise Dancers

Way of Escape Youth Dancers

Easter Sunday 2017 

The youth at Faith Temple prepare their speeches for service while the FTC praise dancers blessed us with a performance that warmed our hearts.

MLK Jr. Celebration

Pastor Sharon Hilton-McCladdie was invited to deliver the invocation at the 2017 Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Celebration at Severance Hall.


Faith Temple Clean-up Day

The Men of Faith Temple hosted a clean-up event for the old church building. Along with a help of a few sisters of FTC we were able to clean up the basement of what will soon be the new fellowship hall.