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Our story

In 1967 while still in service for his country, Bishop John L Hilton was called to an even greater service for his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, as pastor of Fuller's Temple. Pastor Hilton, after looking back and seeing where the church had started, cultivated and harvested an enthusiasm that is unsurpassed by many. As the years progressed, God gave Pastor Hilton a vision of "Fuller's Temple" on the very corner where it now stands. How impossible this must have seemed, as there were already institutions of business existing next door and on the corner. But, because God said so, and because nothing is impossible for God, the saints continued in prayer and shut-in services were conducted as they laid their petitions before the Almighty.

This enthusiasm perpetuated the hearts of his faithful followers and through much prayer, fasting and shut-in services, God began to give the increase.

"...without a vision, the people perish"

Longing for, and needing a larger building in which to worship, they began seeking real estate property elsewhere. As a result of  Bishop Hilton's vision, building fund rallies, pledges, and divine intervention Faith Temple was able to move into its  existing location in 2004.

Our Story

Faith Temple Church Leadership Assembly

Faith Temple Church is blessed to have a group of individuals  with over 150 years of ministerial and leadership experience.  They have been proficient in shepherding their own flock and preaching the gospel in the community.


Bishop John L. Hilton

Founder/ Presiding Bishop


Lady Shirley F. Hilton

First Lady


Kemyari Austin



Sharon L. Hilton-McCladdie



Antonio McCladdie Sr.

Business Manager


Elder Carmen Pettis

Praise Dance Director


John Hilton Jr.

Co-Pastor & Minister of Music


Marilyn Johnson

Finance Director

Elder Earline Thomas

Youth Pastor